Microsoft Word 2013 Will Support PDF Viewing & Editing

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Working with PDF documents in Windows has always been a bit of a pain. Most people end up downloading a copy of Adobe Reader, or if they are slightly more savvy the amazing and lightweight Foxit Reader. Microsoft Word 2010 gained the ability to output documents to PDF, however all of these tools have one thing in common; they are a one trick pony. According to LiveSide.Net, Microsoft Word 2013 won’t only be able to export PDF files, but it will be able to open, and even edit them.

Paul Thurrott is also reporting on the WinSupersite that the PDF renderer is a “stunning new reading experience for both traditional Word documents and PDFs that reflows text in a columnar view automatically." Bookmarks as well as automatic page resuming are also rumored to be supported. As far as killer new features for Microsoft’s new productivity suite go, this will probably rank fairly high for most users.

The first public beta of Office 2013 is expected to be released sometime next week.


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