BlackBerry 10 Will Fail and Samsung Should Buy Research In Motion, Analysts Say

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Research In Motion (RIM) has a lot riding on the release of BlackBerry 10, the upcoming mobile operating system that will power a new generation of devices. If all goes to plan, BB10 will thrust RIM back into relevance and save a company that's seen its share of struggles in recent times. More likely, however, BB10 will stand in the shadows of next-gen OSes from Google and Apple, and if that happens, Samsung's best bet is to acquire RIM, according to analysts with investment firm Jeffries.
In a report released on Tuesday, the analysts noted "significant potential" for BB10, recognizing it as "a vast improvement over BB7," reports. But, it won't be enough.
"We believe it is highly unlikely that it will be an improvement over iOS 6 and about equal to Android 4.1. Therefore, we see little chance RIM can take share away from Apple with BB10," the analysts stated in their report.
That doesn't bode well for RIM, obviously, but it could be a blessing in disguise for Samsung, which is in dire need of a viable software platform all of its own to go along with its successful hardware business. Towards that end, Jeffries believes Samsung has half a dozen options:
  1. Keep riding the Android gravy train
  2. Develop its own version of Android
  3. Develop a radically different version of Android
  4. Build its very own OS
  5. License BB10 from RIM
  6. Acquire RIM
Jeffries says it's a "lackluster list," but out of those options, buying RIM would be the best one. We're not sure we agree, though it's certainly an interesting proposition with plenty of potential upside, and an equal amount of risk.
What do you think, should Samsung look at acquiring RIM?

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